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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 19, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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we have a winner. bay area store sells a powerball ticket worth $2 million. now the waiting game finding out who holds the lucky ticket. >> the report of the latest discovery that could become a problem on the bay bridge. >> we'll recap a week of controversien ty ein the nation capital. how the nation feels about president obama in a poll. >> announcer: nbc bay area news starts now. >> good evening, i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i am diane dwyer. the south bay is a buzz after lottery officials announce a powerball ticket sold in san jose had five winning numbers in the draw. the ticket holder did miss powerball. the person will walk away with
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more than $2 million. nbc bay area's kimberly terry with more on how people are hoping some winning luck may rub off. hi, kimberly. >> reporter: $2.3 million to be exact. little over that. plenty enough to get people buzzing abut the big win. the winning ticket sold at the 7 eleven on 2400 of almadin expressway. everyone is talking about the good fortune. some are big powerball tickets hoping to follow in the footsteps of the winner. that customer among 33 people who matched five winning numbers across the nation but missed the powerball. customers say it is a win. a big one at that. one woman says as soon they found out the ticket was bought here she and her husband checked theirs. >> he plays all the time here. going through all his stuff. is it mine? is it mine? and unfortunately it us want. hopefully they do something really good with it, you know?
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>> powerball is a multistate game that started in california in april. played in 43 states. also the virgin island and the district of columbia. national lottery officials say one ticket, bearing all six winning numbers was sold in florida. that ticket is worth an estimated $590 million. the highest powerball jackpot in history. lottery officials say they may be out to the san jose store this week. to meet with the owner of the store. and that winner. live in san jose, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> kimberly, thank you. the winner of the largest powerball jackpot ever has not come forward yet. we don't know who won, kimberly was talking about it. we know they bought the lone winning ticket at this supermarket in a suburb of tampa, florida. officials estimate worth $590 million. at the store where the ticket was purchased. big excitement. >> what do you think of the one booi being from here and the one
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winning ticket. >> too exciting. i wish them well with the money. i hope they do some good things. awe all rig the winner can dupe a lot o a time. it is 12 times the zephyr hills annual budget. >> people, costumed, some not at all, the bay to breakers race. with more security than ever before. nearly 30,000 runners registered for the race, downtown to ocean beach. at the start of the race, a moment of silence for the victims of the boston marathon bombings. heightened security measures include pd patrols. bomb sniffing dogs and plain clothes officers. stan fr san francisco place said everyone did a good job report anything suspicious for many today was more about the party than the race. >> bay to breakers, security at the top of every hill. first aid stations. felt very safe here.
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>> perfect. great turnout. great weather. all good. >> and a few times, danced with people at their houses. >> nice hair. this year's elite race winners are from ethiopia. >> first, broken bolts. then steel rods. now reports that corroding steel tendons. live on treasure island with the details. >> reporter: good evening. caltrans is downplaying the claims saying corrosion is always an issue with a project like this. a published report says this could be a serious problem for the new bridge.""the sacramento tendons were ex-please eposed a beginning to corrode.
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caltrans inspected tendons, and caltrans miscalculated the extent of corrosion and several experts are raising questions about the durability of the $6.4 billion span if there is a major earthquake. there are investigations already under way, concerning broken bolts on the new bridge and steel rods. that could be corroding. they say the bridge is safe reacting telling the paper, corrosion has been the issue since the first steel bridge was built. what we learned from this particular challenge six years ago is we are never going to be done fighting the battle against corrosion in san francisco bay. the metro transportation commission is meeting at the end of the month to address some of these concerns and there are still questions whether the bridge will open as planned on labor day. live on treasure island. monte francis, bay area news. >> thank you. a car crash in freemont knocked
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out power to thousand of homes and businesses. the accident at 2:00 clock p.m. on alvarado bloooulevard. a car sheered off a power pole, causing live wires to come down on the road, starting several small spot fires and cutting power to 3,500 people. 1,5 a 1 1,500 remain without power tonight. emergency responders extricated the driver from the car, they have not updated his condition or cause of the crash. >> one of the baby falcons at city hall was fond dead. the check one of three birds hatched last month in the nest, 20 stories up at city hall. the mother falcon nesting there for the past seven years. uc santa cruz bird expert says the little one was taking a midair food delivery from the father but couldn't make it back to the nest. the passer-by noticed the bird on the ground and called for help. i called the police. they showed up. and when the police officer
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lifted off the larger bird, it revealed the check underneath. >> over the years, 18 falcons have successfully flown the coup at san jose city hall. if you would look to see the current group. a falcon camera shows activities, 24 hours a day. google search falcon camera san jose. >> all right. next at 5:00 -- the white house under fire following a week of controversy. what republicans are saying and your new poll shows how the nation feels about president obama. >> the vote is in. yahoo!'s board made the decision on whether to make a billion dollar purchase. >> another vote that will have a major impact on the bay area just two days away. the latest on the quest to bring the super bowl to santa clara. >> starting to see warmer temperatures around the bay area right now. some places, soaring into the upper 80s. around fairfield and pleasantton. 82, livermore. tomorrow at this time we could be approaching close to 90 degrees. we'll talk a workweekwarm-upen
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-- warm-up in the forecast when we come back.
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president obama had to contend with rain and thunder as he delivered a commencement speech in georgia. back in washington the obama administration struggled with a political storm after a week of controversy and distraction.
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nbc bay area's brian moore has the the latest. >> reporter: president obama's commencement speech at college looked like the past week. the commander-in-chief was on message. >> my job as president is to advocate for policies that generate more opportunity for everybody. >> he was all but drowned out by events beyond his control. >> success may not come quickly or easily -- >> reporter: from the irs scandal to the justice department snooping on the associated press, to new revelations about the talking points that followed the cement terror attack in benghazi, republicans suddenly have a lot to talk about. >> this administration says they want to be open and transparent. they haven't. >> what we are talking about is an attitude that the government knows best, the nanny state is here to tell us all what to do and if we start criticizing, you get targeted. >> the president's senior communications adviser hit the five major talk shows to do damage control. >> there is no question that we
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want, that republicans are trying to make political hay here. what we are not going to participate in is, partisan fishing expeditions to distract. >> the cnn poll shows that half americans agree with the way republicans have been grilling the president on the irs and benghazi. then again, virtually the same number approve of the way the president is doing his job. even after the political storms of the past week. brian more, abc news, washington. >> we are learning tonight that yacht h the yahoo! board of directors agreed to buy tumblr, $1.1 billion. yahoo!'s biggest acquisition since the ceo took over. facebook and twitter were interested in tumblr. yahoo! expected to announce tomorrow in new york. if the went be a done deem for several months. >> still to come, the amgen tour crossed the finish line in a not so familiar way. we'll explain that.
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>> as you can see on our radar there, several storms, including a tornado outbreak has hit the great plains and midwest. we'll have pictures coming up. for our families...
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>> the amgen tour ended hours ago in santa rosa. it provided a boost for the economy there as well.
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the final leg of the cycling race started this morning at marina green of san francisco. then as you can see they rode over the golden gate bridge and rode 80 miles north. the first time the race ended in northern california, rather than starting there. santa rosa officials say that expect the bike race to provide a $7 million boost to the economy. and some people we talked to said they hope it is back next year. >> it is absolutely -- worth every minute of it. it really doesn't impact like the traffic. as much as -- you would expect, it was pretty easy to get here. and -- it was great. and, what it did for local businesses. and perfect tourism was well worth it. >> good night attitude. the eighth year of the amgen tour. the winner this year an american. >> a violent. dangerous tornado touched done near wichita, kansas this afternoon. the tornado knocked down power lines and trees. more than 6,500 customers lost
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power. the roofs were damaged. windows were shattered by marble-sized hail whipped by the wind. the tornado followed several tornados that tore through the state last night. and thunderstorms, continued to roll through many parts of the northwest. no serious injuries reported though. >> going to check with meteorologist, rob? what's going on? >> as temperatures warm up. we get the wind out of the sut easut -- southeast. des moines seeing a tornado moving right through town. and throughout the day we have had 20 tornado reports so far in the plains, stretching to the midwest. minneapolis down into texas. notice where the severe weather is heading to next. and it is more densely populated. kansas city. and des moines. go through the day tomorrow. st. louis. and chicago. severe weather tracking east. and the threat of tornados will continue. and tornado watches.
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and the warnings, east of the rockies. we'll continue through the day tomorrow. around the bay area. temperatures warming up. fairfield, concord, mid 80s inland. 24-hour temperature change. much like we talked about last night. showing warmer, drier air into the bay area. despite the sea breeze. cooling off the inner bay. and humidity levels, inland. starting to drop off. 20%. done to 11% in fairfield. this is the reason why. unfortunately for the hill tops we will see an increase risk of fire danger tomorrow, as temperatures continue to climb on up. notice on the coast. wind out of the north. and offshore. keeping skies clear. and at laes feast for one more . climb the temperatures for one more day. monday. high pressure holds strong. no signs of rain in the forecast tomorrow. what we will see, wind turning slightly offshore. 80s and some low 90s inland. for the hill tops especially. humidity levels drop below 20%. fire danger will be on the increase for one day.
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because just as quickly as things warm up. s to date wind co-- tuesday. wind coming back in. and big drop in temperatures. you will be surprised by how quickly things cool off. tuesday. wednesday. look at the morning temperatures tomorrow. mid to upper 50s. the hills. temperatures in the 60s for lows. going to be mild outside tonight. notice the highs tomorrow. upper 80s in san jose. close to 90, south of san jose. 80s. santa cruz. once you get to the trivalley. now, lower 90s. pleasantton. livermore. 87, dublin. west wind will cool things off into the valley and later in the day. 90s, fairfield. north bay. upper 90s. marin county. numbers climbing well through the 80s tomorrow. mid 70s in san fravenlt wind turn slightly offshore. then here comes the big temperature drop. 90s inland tomorrow. mid 70s on tuesday. huge drop in temperatures with
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the wind shift. once the cooldown comes back into town, tuesday, wednesday. it will stick around for the workweek. areas of low cloud at comfortable temperatures. and memorial day weekend. temperatures climbing up. not too bad. not near the 90s, like we will have midland tomorrow. mid 80s for parts of the bay. >> this has been going on for a while. >> typical spring weather. we go on the roller coaster ride of temperatures. >> all. rob. tuesday, two words will decide the fate of what could be the biggest sporting event in bay area history. that would be super bowl 50. nfl team owners will write san francisco or south florida on a piece of paper. now, if san francisco wins the bid, most of the events will be held in the city. but the game in 2016 would be played of course in the 49ers new stadium in santa clara called levi stadium. the bay area has not hosted a super bowl since way back in 1985, the game at the old
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stanford stadium. >> when the 49ers beat miami. >> yes, would you like to remind us. >> and them again. the whole thing. >> lot's bring in, comcast sports net right now. i know he will vote for san francisco. if he gets the chance. >> yeah. the way things are looking now. could be super bowl in santa clara. 49ers playing in it. that would be more than cool for the area. as break out the brooms with late inning drama. this afternoon. and tough end of the giants road trip. mile high, highlights coming up in sports.
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hi, everybody. back in the comcast sports newsroom. to quote bull durham. baseball is a simple game. you throw the ball. you hit the ball. you catch the ball. problem is when you fal to do any of the things very well it is not so simple. that's pretty much summarizes the giants current road trip. a tough end to the roady and tough weekend in colorado. bottom five, already 1-0. rockies. carlos gonzalez hitting them. and dexter fowler on a double. it is 2-0, rocks. couple batters later, and a grand slam earlier in the series, that just your garden variety rbi knock. and to make it troy tulowitzki, singles home. eric young, fowler, 5-0, rockies, three of four for the giants. oh, and loses by a brush. >> the royals/as. oakland looking for the sweep. first sweep since mid april. derek morris in the center.
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derek lowe, all the way to the wall. motoring all the way around to third. nobody out in the inning. score on a sac fly. 3-3. and -- playing the role of hero. his eighth home run is the difference. the as are up 4-3. nice inning. ryan cook. and what a miserable week. 1 for 25 on the royals roady. as win 4-3. finish the sweep of kc. and kate longworth and the wrap from oakland. >> they say a win is just a win. sunday's victory meant that much more to the athletics. oakland's first series sweep since mid ape rich. the players said the fact that they were able to come back in three consecutive one-run games shows the fight and determination they have that the as, well they just won't give up. >> i think there is momentum. that's why you see teams go through stretches where they're doing everything right. and stretches where they're doing everything wrong. and we have been -- for a while now, finding it difficult time
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to put together complete games. whether it is pitching, hitting, defense. and, you know, to win close games and win games that you come back. and, and, the fashion like this means you are doing all of them. >> guys kept battling up athe plate. they found a way to get it done. and struggled at times this season. but it appears the slugger still has the flare for drama. and home run in the eighth inning. the teammate said no matter which direction. when he steps up to the plate you stop what you are doing you know he can do something big. kate longworth. nbc bay area news. >> and tens of thousand of people from your elite runners to, to, well the pope and elvis. jam packing the street of san francisco sunday. from the bay to breakers.
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ethiopia's, won the race in 35.01. and took the women's title in 40 minutes and 12 second. coming up at 6:00 what the sharks had to say following the dramatic overtime win in game three of the playoff series. diane, terry, were you running this morning here in san francisco. i could have sworn i saw a group of 80s cartoon serial mascots like tony the tiger and count chocula, trix rabbit. couple looked like you guysment. >> south, you were out there running? >> no, i was observing. i was running as a mild-mannered sports anchor. >> my husband and son were out there. too early for me. thank you, scott. we'll be right back.
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we told you earlier in the newscast, president obama delivered an historic commencement address at atlanta's morehouse college, becoming the first sitting president to address the alma mater of dr. martin luther king jr. >> the president received an honorary degree from the historically black, all-male institution. he urged graduates to use education and skills to not only make money but become socially conscious community leaders. >> soap your experiences give you special insight -- so your experiences give you special insight that today's leaders need. if you tap into that experience, it should endow you with empathy. >> last week the president delivered the commencement address at ohio state. his third and final speech of graduation season is scheduled at the u.s. naval academy on friday. >> thank you for watching nbc bay area news at 5:00. "nbc nightly news" is next.
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then more local news at 6:00. we will see you then. good night! on this sunday night -- high alert. severe weather breaking out right now from the plains to the great lakes. >> wow! look at the rotation! >> damaging winds, tornadoes and flooding. tonight why close to half the u.s. population could be at risk from dangerous storms before it is over. collision course. dramatic new images of a commuter train crash just moments after impact amore than 100,000 in the northeast brace for what could and nightmare commute. state of mind. the new guidelines to help mental health professionals diagnosis disorders. but some of them are causing controversy and concern. voice of experience. the president tells graduates to set an example and points to his own struggles as a man of color. and -- jackpot.
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